Bridge for Beginners Course, Spring 2022


· This course is for absolute beginners or those “rusty returners” who have played bridge a long time ago and wish to refresh their memories. All that is needed is enthusiasm and the will to learn.


· Our English Bridge Union qualified tutor runs the course which is based on the English Bridge Union’s  Beginning Bridge Book, a copy of which is included as part of the course fee.


· The first half of each lesson is spent on direct teaching activities, including instruction and tasks to help understand the particular aspects that are being taught. The remainder of the session is spent playing hands that put into practice the theory taught earlier in the lesson. Participants also have the opportunity to play at a Thursday evening session on RealBridge when they can revise hands that were played at the lesson.


  There are eleven lessons in the course. The first lesson is Saturday 23rd April at 10:30 until 12:30.  If you decide to enrol there is a once off payment fee of £125 for the remaining 10 classes.   Please contact Teresa Murray-Bates to book your place on the first lesson.



Course Location :                                                                                                                 

The Michael Sobell Centre, 

Gate 3, Mount Vernon Hospital, 

Northwood, HA6 2RN











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